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DAMA Canberra

DAMA Canberra focusses on networking, information sharing, training and raising awareness primarily for members in Australian Government agencies in Canberra. DAMA Canberra’s activities include:

  • Monthly Meetings - Local speakers from Government and private organisations are encouraged to present on their experiences and provide case studies relevant to data management. A social networking event follows all meetings. If you are interested in speaking, please contact us.

  • Annual Conference – DAMA Canberra organises the data stream of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Canberra Annual Conference.

  • Training Courses – DAMA Canberra regularly promotes public training courses for international and local presenters.

  • Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) certification

  • Mentoring Program

  • Data Management Books

For the current membership list please click here.
For the available resources please click here.

For any request or information about DAMA Canberra contact us.

Canberra Commitee

  • President - Tim Goswell

  • Vice-President - Simon Wall

  • Secretary - Magda Waszczeniuk

  • Treasurer - Andy Peyton

  • Membership and Communications - Selva Murugesan

  • Ordinary Member - Li Wei Meakin

  • Ordinary Member - Terence Chia

  • Ordinary Member - Todd Heather

  • Ordinary Member - Phil Morgan

  • Ordinary Member - Ian Seretin