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12 Sep 2017



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DAMA Sydney September 2017 - Irresistible Digitisation: The Players, the Potential and Privacy

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DAMA Sydney

Welcome to DAMA Sydney, our largest community within DAMA Australia.

Our calendar of events is planned in November each year for the coming year with our regular monthly meetings from February through December. These are usually held on the second Tuesday of the month at the Bowlers Club on York Street from 5 p.m. till 7 p.m. Sydney also hosts the AGM each November and has a panel discussion as our December meeting, where we invite industry specialists to debate one of the latest and hottest data management topics. Other special events are scheduled as opportunities arise.

For any request or information about DAMA Sydney contact us.

Sydney Commitee

  • President - Glen Bell

  • Membership - Mark Atkins

  • Sponsorship - Mark Kortink

  • Education - Surabhi Jain

  • Treasurer - Terry Smith

The roles are:


Responsible for ‘making things happen’. Organises other committee members to ensure that DAMA Sydney is a vibrant and active branch


Responsible for tracking inflows and outflows of money. Ensures that bills are paid promptly and DAMA Sydney complies with the financial reporting requirements of a ‘Not For Profit’ association.


Responsible for maintaining a current list of members, issuing membership due notices and chasing membership payments. Also includes activities to increase membership


Responsible for creating a calendar of events and organising speakers. Continually surveying the horizon to see emerging trends in data management. Keeps abreast of any ‘gurus’ visiting Australia and organises for them to speak at DAMA.


Responsible for finding and keeping sponsors to support DAMA Sydney financially.